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06 January 2009



my sister's hubby is a probation officer and showed me the you tube stuff- apparently the tazer gun weighs 3oz less than the gun and is the same shape... that the police officer was on the force for two years, one of which was a year of training. the officer looked shocked himself in one of the phone videos on you tube, but it's not a very clear video. after shooting the kid on the ground, he put his gun away, opened his mouth while putting his hands to his temples. it's a young cop and he's likely gonna go to jail.... some people just shouldn't have a gun... scary on either side. eepers. by the way, the problem the cop is gonna face is that he should NOT have even been reaching for his tazer... there are protocols- baton, taser, gun... which he didn't do. I wonder if 15 years in prison (which my sister's hubby suggested he'll likely get) is enough though?

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